Abstract Submission

Possible Presentation Subjects:

  • Community Rating System (CRS)
  • Community Action Visits (CAV)
  • Hazard Mitigation Programs (Hazard Mitigation Assistance- HMA)
  • National Levee Program
  • Digital Flood Maps, Flood Map Modernization, Risk MAP (Mapping, Assessment, and Planning)
  • Dam Safety Program- Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), inundation mapping
  • Case Studies and Best Practices (Public Outreach, Flood-Proofing, Planning, Disaster Response, Acquisition Programs)
  • Importance of water quality protection, groundwater recharge, wetlands, and riparian zones
  • National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) and Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD)
  • Storm Forecasting and River Modeling River
  • Tools, Tips and Techniques in Floodplain Management
  • Understanding Building Codes and Code Enforcement
  • Understanding Zoning, and Development Codes
  • Low Impact Development Principles and Processes
  • "No Adverse Impact” - consequences and impacts of land use decisions

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